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Principal Consultant is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Executive Search

Permanent and Interim Careers

Are you an Interim Management Consultant?

Do you need to reach executive search agencies? 

Then consider using the strategy used by
interim management consultancy

Ensure your Executive Profile  has a  ...

  • Visually appealing presentation
  • Clear, unambiguous content
  • Factual account of where you have added value
  • Clear indication of your specialist area of expertise
  • Quantifiable, bottom-line results - stating clearly what you did to achieve positive outcomes

If you encountered and overcame complex problems - outline what these were and positive result

Fully outline your experience in different market sectors

Importantly, if an Interim or Project Manager, focus on your assignments - include a variety - and don't go too far back in your career - executive searchers do not have time to read a life-story

If your strategy falls short of any of the above, then you might ....

  • face an uphill battle
  • miss out on the top interim opportunities
  • extend your job search unnecessarily
  • possibly be faced with long gaps between assignments

    So, let's look at what you could do to achieve the right results

Creating a stylish, visually appealing CV Resume Profile

To engage and sustain the attention of recruiters and headhunters beyond a cursory glance, it is crucial  to offer what they like best.   Make certain your CV Resume Profile   . . .

  • Has a streamlined presentation
  • Includes jargon-free, easily readable text
  • Conveys factual information clearly, explicitly and succinctly
  • Focuses on information that is directly relevant to the job profile 

To access expert help with your CV resume,  click here to submit your CV Resume for a free, no obligation appraisal from A Perfect Career MBA Consultant 

If you can convince the executive search consultants of where you have added value to an employer, then their job becomes easier when presenting you as a candidate to their client

Gain credibility - clarify your achievements by stating what you did, how you did it and the benefits to the organisation in terms of . . .

  • increased revenue
  • reduced overheads
  • improved market share
  • enhanced service levels
  • successful acquisitions and mergers
  • HR training and development initiatives
  • geographical and market expansion, and so on . . .
  • Consider the following examples taken from CVs produced for successful Interim Consultants. . .

    Demonstrated the business value of refocusing marketing activity on brand and service quality - a strategy that increased the airline's catchment areas and passenger numbers Project led Marketing and R&D teams in the identification, evaluation, formulation and presentation of a market entry business proposal for an innovative product concept, and convinced the President to promote the plan as an 'Imagination Breakthrough'

    Project managed £240M inner city development: consulted with 10 service providers to negotiate the 'actual cost' and co-ordinate the diversion of underground services within the overall redevelopment programme with minimum disruption to the environment and all involved parties

    Devised clearly defined, strategic business development programme involving recruitment and performance measurements across sales, marketing, finance and operations to deliver 'best in class' client service

    As recruiters scan the documents looking for the words that categorise the positions they have to fill, it helps to incorporate 'keywords' into your CV resume

    Keywords help executive searchers quickly identify candidates with relevant experience.  Scour on-line job boards and press adverts to identify the keywords that reflect your area of expertise and market sector For example, a Human Resource Manager's keywords might include . . .
  • cultural change
  • CIPD qualification
  • Investors in People
  • employee relations
  • drive through change
  • recruitment and selection
  • remuneration and benefits
  • negotiating and influencing
  • managing sickness absence
  • managing people and budgets
  • personal development and review
  • employee development workshops
  • recruitment campaign management
  • delivering HR and business solutions
  • advising and guiding managers and staff
  • managing grievance, discipline and attendance
  • permanent, temporary, interim staffing solutions
  • development and implementation of HR policies
  • coordination development and delivery of training
  • providing advice and guidance to managers and staff

Strategic use of keywords will not only help you to attract the attention of executive search consultants but will also ensure that your CV resume remains focused

Target, network and build relationships with executive searchers and personal contacts

Importantly, perfect your CV resume, as however effective your bottom-line results, however many keywords you include. nothing will happen without the help of executive search consultants and your personal network of contacts. So, what steps should you take?

To identify executive search consultants in your area of expertise, research the internet and quality press - and contact business associates, colleagues and clients

A good executive searcher will give equal focus to you as their candidate - supporting you in the development of your career plans - whilst at the same time assisting their clients to appoint high calibre professionals 

Proactively target the executive searchers as they can be helpful in accessing the 'hot off the press', 'not yet posted' and 'hidden, job market - particularly the top management positions

Email and post your CV resume - setting out your objectives, particular area of interest, salary expectations and geographical scope

Then, keep in touch.  Keep reaffirming your interest by building a rapport with your recruiters - they could prove invaluable to the success of your job search. 

Post interview follow-ups via email or telephone can provide important information on your market position and future search intentions, as well as providing an insight into their clients' requirements and future plans. 

Persevere with this proactive, communicative approach  and you will be well on the way to your next level management position

To summarise, a  targeted jobsearch, combined with a professionally presented  CV resume or Interim Profile could lead not just to a new role but that 'once in a life-time' career opportunity

At A Perfect Career we work with you every step of the way - commencing with identifying the best career for you, writing a perfect CV Resume / Profile and targeted application letters - plus competency-based 1:2:1 interview preparation

Helga Edge MBA

is the Principal Consultant of A Perfect Career

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