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Interview Coaching to get you Hired!

A Perfect Career offers ....

        a one-to-one Interview Coaching session with a top coach
        individually tailored to the job you are applying for, and

        designed to develop  CONFIDENCE   CREDIBILITY   COMPOSURE

Just how savvy are you at persuading recruiters you meet the job profile?

Almost every interview candidate could tell you a nightmare story that, with a little preparation, could have avoided

We offer a telephon-based interview coaching service to ensure you are prepared for even the worst interview scenarios with your confidence intact

The purpose of the consultation is to stimulate your awareness of the skills and capabilities required, and to help you to develop a winning strategy

Top Interview Blunders - swearing at interview is the number one faux pas that prevents a candidate from being offered a job, new research shows.  A poll of over 1000 interviewers by UK children´s charity NCH found that more than three quarters of respondents thought swearing at an interview would stop them from giving a candidate a job.  The second biggest faux pas was answering a mobile phone during an interview, cited by 76%.  Half said wearing inappropriate clothing, such as jeans or scruffy clothes, would be a problem.  And almost half said they would not give a candidate a job if they were more than 10 minutes late. 

The top trait that impressed interviewers was enthusiasm, named by two-fifths of respondents.  Source:

We will help you fine tune the skills necessary to build a rapport with interviewer and demonstrate your ability and confidence through innovative communication techniques - with a focus upon . . . 

  • thinking ahead and anticipating the information interviewers require
  • using positive phraseology which places you in charge
  • structuring your answers to express information succinctly
  • how to handle the toughest interview questions confidently, calmly and with polish 
  • build rapport by using your voice to add impact and interest

Words are just part of the process.  We willl advise you of the unintentional messages you send by your visual presentation, expression, body language, attitude; warmth of manner and level of receptivity during the interview.   You will learn how to ...

  • overcome nerves by looking and feeling confident
  • ensure your interview leaves a really positive impression

On completion of your consultation, you will receive detailed constructive written feedback, with explicit recommendations to improve your presentation.

The one-to-one interview session will be designed to match the skills-sets and key competencies interviewers are seeking.

Preparation is the key to developing Confidence, Credibilty and Composure.

Please follow this link to learn more about preparing for some of the trickier questions and Get In Touch if you would like us to contact you


Rest assured, our interview coaching is invaluable whether you are returning to the workplace after a career break, stepping onto the career ladder or seeking fresh, more rewarding challenges.

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