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Planning a career change?


If you are seeking a fresh challenge you

might like easy access to Expert Careers Advice


With expert career change management advice you can transform your working life into a rewarding experience.

A Perfect Career combines professional careers expertise with jobs market
know-how to help you make well informed choices. 

We offer a one-to-one consultation designed to help you identify . .
    where you are  >> where you want to be  >> how to get there

Expert careers advice can help you work out what you are best at and why, and identify the jobs and work environments that suit you the most


Your Careers Adviser will guide you through a self-assessment that considers your values, preferences, interests, personality, skill-sets, work experience, goals and aspirations

We offer:

  • personal telephone, email or office consultations
  • guidance through a unique software program
  • expert help with choosing a career that is suitable for you
  • a sounding board for exploring and selecting degree courses
  • a CV resume check to ensure the skill-sets relevant to your new career goal are included and explicitly clear
  • advice on sourcing jobs on the Internet and in the media 

The benefits for you ...

Everything you need to know about the job roles of hundreds of different careers across all industries, including. . . legal jobs, sales jobs, leisure jobs

executive management engineering jobs, project management, healthcare & NHS careers, and jobs in the financial sector

We help you gain an increased appreciation of what you are best at and why, together with . . .

  • a full understanding of what type of job suits you the most
  • what aspects of your work generates the most job satisfaction
  • a clearer picture of what motivates you
  • encouragement to stimulate your interest in a new career
  • expert help choosing a career most suitable for you
  • a broader understanding of a wider range of careers

    The results ...
  • a personalised list of careers suggestions
  • essential information about work activities and entry routes
  • information on training, pay, recruitment agencies, jobs and jobsearch sites

In essence, all the vitally important information to help you make informed and accurate choices about your future

To see examples of the information the career consultancy provides, follow these links to . . . Barrister Careers   Training Careers   

Banking Careers   IT Project Manager

The information we provide includes job roles ... work environments ... skills qualifications ... job prospects ... pay .... useful contacts ... and much more


Recently made redundant, having worked in a Secretarial /  Support Sales role for the last 20 years, Chantele  decided to use the opportunity to explore other job options that matched her skills.

During a personal consultation with her careers adviser, it became evident that Chantele enjoyed and had a particular skill for working with words, creating designs, figures and data, as well as being involved generating ideas and setting up new systems. 

Fortunately for Chantele, these are much sought after competencies valued by organisations and Chantele learnt that there were lots of careers available that she had not even considered 

Chantele scored a high 100% in social interests - indicating she liked activities involving meeting or working with people. Her responses to questions indicated she enjoyed activities that involved training, teaching, informing,  organising, understanding and helping others

The job roles requiring people to be helpful, friendly, supportive, empathetic and nurturing include  ...
teaching    nursing    life coaching     careers consulting     social work

Secondary options included ....
interior design     graphic design     charity organiser / fundraiser
After talking through the career options with her consultant, taking into consideration further training needs and local job market opportunities, Chantele enrolled on and successfully completed a Life Coaching course

Chantele has since launched her own Life-Style Coaching Consultancy - complete with website - and has found her work to be interesting, enjoyable and very fulfilling

In the words of Buckminster Fuller,

"The minute you know what you really

want to do, it´s really a different kind of life"

Why not avoid the stress and cost of being in the wrong job! Make sure you are not one of the people we see  in their fifties having spent a life-time working in the wrong environment - in the wrong role

Ensure that you have the vitally important information to take the right step towards a much Brighter Career. To learn more about how to change your job, Get in touch and a consultant will respond by return

Alternatively, if in UK call 0871 218 1005 or Spain +34 965 771 175 to discuss how we can help you to achieve your aim.


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