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What are the most dangerous types of work?


All kinds of work carry some level of risk of experiencing an accident of some form – workplaces are full of potential for accidents – but the majority of the accidents that people will experience while at work will be minor ones, such as those resulting from trips and slips. However, although anyone can experience an accident at work, clearly there are some types of work which carry a far higher risk of those doing them suffering a workplace injury or illness. These range from those providing vital but hazardous services, such as the police and fire service, to those working with dangerous chemicals.

Anyone working for the police or fire service is clearly working in a dangerous job, as is evidenced by the amount of training those wishing to do such jobs are required to undertake before they are considered qualified to do them.

If you work for the police force, you are at risk of suffering attack while doing your job, but you also run a greater risk of being involved in a road traffic accident while in the course of your work, because of the amount of driving involved in it.

Those working in the fire service meanwhile, are in one of the most high risk lines of work when it comes to the potential for accidents at work. If you are working in this field you should be provided with adequate safety equipment and clothing, in the form of masks and protective clothes, to at least minimise these risks.

There is always the potential for someone working in the fire service to suffer injury in an accident at work – even if they are provided with functioning safety clothing and equipment – but this is accepted by those who do this job.

The same is true of those whose work involves the handling of dangerous chemicals, and again they should be supplied with the necessary safety training, equipment and clothing, to keep risks to a minimum.

It is when accidents at work occur as a result of these things not being provided – or because they are defective – that accident at work compensation claims are entitled to be made through a personal injury lawyer.

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