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LinkedIn Profile Writing Process


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for online job searching and to connect with employers, recruiters, headhunters and agencies.


Whether you are just joining LinkedIn, or require an upgrade, we will help you achieve incredible results with a key-word rich, high impact, professional LinkedIn Profile.


To write your profile we....


  • reprioritise, edit and build upon your information to illustrate a broad range of skill, expertise and experience
  • focus on, highlight and quantify achievements
  • write explicitly, yet succinctly - varying the language
  • inject personality, drive, enthusiasm and personality characteristics


The process . . .

Producing your CV and Profile commences with rewriting and developing your information along the lines indicated above. We may raise questions / ask you for clarification on certain aspects of your information in the first proof. 

Communication is continuous and takes place by email, Skype and phone, with as many proofs provided as necessary until you are 100% happy with the outcome

Whether you are about to join LinkedIn, or would like to enhance your existing Profile, GET IN TOUCH - and attach your Resume for a free assessment and quote


We will ensure that your LinkedIn Profile is outstanding and gets results!


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