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What comes first -Qualifications v Experience? In the competitive job market that exists today, job seekers are aware of the crucial importance of writing a CV Resume that attracts and retains recruiter and employer interest.  For this reason ... Read more

Jobs versus Careers - Why Look for a Career?  For many looking for a job, it's sometimes a struggle between finding a role you can do easily for a steady pay, or the risk of holding out for the role you really want in the career field you're aiming towards.

How to make yourself more employable in today's tough economy. Recent figures have revealed finding employment as a graduate is tougher than ...

Why the Need for the Perfect Resume?  The benefits of a well-presented Resume can be enormous. Besides illustrating your skills and experience, a perfect Resume can demonstrate the communication skills recruiters seek because they are so vital to successful business .. .

Key Skills of Project Managers: Getting Things Done!   While many jobs involve some aspects of project management, a dedicated project manager carries a variety of skills in order to ...

How to Change Jobs and find the Perfect Career  If job hunting were less riddled with uncertainties, less time-consuming, and less emotionally challenging, then changing career would be a lot easier!  But it is not! There is no easy, instantaneous solution to finding a job in today´s increasingly complex employment market

Will networking really make a difference?
  Networking is a job search technique that is highly recommended because it can often open up career opportunities in an intensely competitive job market - with too many candidates chasing too few jobs.

Managing redundancy - a step to a brighter future   An excellent opportunity to discover fresh challenges and enrich your working life

Resumes - What´s passé? Exactly what makes the difference?  Recrutiers´expectations are constantly changing and increasing!  If your Resume is not getting ....

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