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The benefits to you . . .

CPRW and MBA qualified, and a former recruiter, I will combine job market know-how with expert writing skills to write your Resume, CV, Bio and application letters, develop your interview skills and get you hired in competitive job markets. Moreover - the service I offer is personalised, confidential and affordable! I will help you take the next step to secure not just a job but an enjoyable, rewarding, fulfilling new career.

Professional Resume writing service

Recruiters screen job applications quickly - perhaps giving each Resume a 15 second scan. In that short timeframe, you have to make a unique impression to reach the interview pile.  It's is estimated that just 1% of resumes generate interviews. With 20+ years experience, we write Resumes that capture attention amidst hundreds of other candidates.

I will analyse every aspect of your Resume's to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and identify where improvements can be made to the content and presentation.  I will dramatically increase your success at winning interviews. Learn more >>

Cover letters to introduce your Resume

The job application letter is one of the most important elements of successful job hunting. Writing a letter is your opportunity to project a confident, polished and professional image.

Remember, if recruiters take 15 seconds to scan your resume, they'll take even less time to read your application letter. The benefits of a well-presented, perfectly-worded letter are enormous. I will write a letter that distinguishes you from the competition and persuades recruiters to read your Resume CV. A professional, skilfully crafted letter will ensure you get the interview Learn more >>

We know interviews can be a worrying experience

A Perfect Career offers a mock interview coaching session to stimulate your awareness of the skills required to influence recruiters - and ensure you make an excellent impression, secure job offers and begin a new career.

Competency-based interview practice will help you to build a rapport with recruiters. Importantly, you will learn how to respond fluently and positively to the most awkward questions, using positive phraseology to project an enthusiastic, forward-thinking and `can do attitude.

We will remove the stress and uncertainty associated with interviews. Preparation is the key, and working with you 1:1 will develop your confidence and persuasive communication skills to differentiate you from other candidates. To learn more >>


LinkedIn Profile writing

If you want to reach out to and make a first class impression with recruiters, headhunters, employers and people in your network, then our LinkedIn Profile writing / editing / optimisation service is for you.  We will transform your LinkedIn Profile to increase your visibility and online market brand, expand your job search into new sectors, and open up career opportunities across a global job market.  To learn more >>


Reached a 'Career Crossroad' and unsure the direction to take?

Are you looking for a new and exciting challenge that will give you a better quality of life? Look no further! A Perfect Career combines professional careers expertise with jobs market know-how to help you make the best career choice. We offer a one-to-one consultation to help you identify . .   where you are >>> where you want to be >>> how to get there

See more >>

If you have a MBA degree, or are a graduate, junior, middle or senior manager, professional or executive - we offer tried and tested career change strategies representing years of experience to ensure your success. 

Help completing Job Application Forms

If you are struggling with completing application forms, you are not alone! Most people find filling in forms time-consuming and a real headache - but they are often a necessary part of making a career change.   The problem is, application forms are becoming increasingly popular with recruiters as they help standardise the information required to make it easier to compare candidates. A Perfect Career offers a solution, just follow this link >>


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