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Sample Resumes

The following Resume examples have been taken from from Resumes produced for clients who went on to successfully change career ...

Accenture Consultant

  • Provided strategic consultancy to sell and deliver $7.5M ground-breaking supermarket multimedia kiosks, Internet, Intranet and call centre solution - increasing client market presence and profile, facilitating cost-efficient expansion, enhancing customer service, and accelerating growth to 15% pa to surpass 3 competitors in 3 years

Accountant's Resume

  • Renegotiated service and utilities contracts, reducing overheads 18%
  • Established management information systems, facilitating more informed, strategic decision-making
  • Implemented rigorous credit control processes, reducing debtor days from 24 days to 10 days, and improving cash flow

Sample text from Analyst Programmer's Resume

  • Leveraged STT's market position and secured a competitive advantage with the development of algorithms to manage the complexities of task processing, collection of data on trainees' performance and score calculation in an interactive simulation-training environment 

Banker's Resume

  • Investigated, identified and successfully prosecuted a case of fraud involving £1.5M

Example of text in a CV for a Business Consultant

  • Mentored the VP in the formulation of a cohesive organisational structure that encouraged the global team to focus on a value driven culture, knowledge awareness and exchange.

Buyer's Resume

  • Achieved 100% 24hr product availability and volume delivery targets during peak period

Business Development Consultant

  • Introduced 'consultative-led' and 'value proposition' sales campaigns
  • Managed the seamless relocation and integration of  500 staff into the new organisation and introduced Trusted Advisor and Partner concept - strengthening relationships with  'gold' clients

Buyer's resume

  • Achieved 100% 24hr product availability and volume delivery targets during peak period.
  • Devised inventory management initiatives that reduced over-stocked aged and financially unhealthy lines.
  • Consolidated supplier base by 50% in all categories to achieve quality and cost efficiencies. 

Extract from Resume for Cabin Crew

  • Implemented counselling, crisis management and cost reduction initiatives following 9/11.
  • Analysed market and recommended service initiatives aligned to passengers´ cultural expectations

Call Centre Manager´s Resume

  • Devised and implemented multi-tasking - improving morale and retention, reducing absenteeism, and reducing HR costs.
  • Designed and implemented an Assessment Day Programme, including role play and  one-to-one competency based interviews; this initiative improved the quality of candidates, operational performance, retention and ultimately profitability.

Chief Executive's Resume

  • Spearheaded mergers and reconsolidations to expand from 20 - 85 franchises in 8 months.

Contracts Manager Resume

  • Improved tender cost-base accuracy with design, implementation and management of a Facilities Layer CAD system that provides precise information on each type of environment; the program is now a company standard.

CV for Customer Service Manager - Retail

  • Implemented a new 'space saving' check out design, now adopted internationally. Disposed of excess checkouts, increasing floor space whilst saving £1.8M HR costs

CV for an Executive Director

  • Realigned management structure, recruitment processes and director roles with the organisation's long-term strategic growth objectives.

Electrical Engineer's Resume

  • Achieved all contractual targets, contributing to renewal of contracts.
  • Project managed the installation and commission of electrical systems for four-storey new build.

Resume for Engineer Oil Contractor

  • Reduced oil in water quality from 450ppm to 25ppm; boosted injection rates on WI pump from 95k to 160+ bpd, increased uptime via upgraded protection facilities and monitoring.
  • Gas compression upgrade: increased single compression capacity from 25 to 35 mmscfd and implemented new dry gas seal supply to improve reliability

Engineering Project Director´s resume

  • Delivered the £12M capital programme on time and within budget - achieved through the introduction of rigorous processes and systems supporting delivery, including process mapping and development of new SID database.

Financial Director's resume

  • Formulated the 2005 Business Plan that raised $270m

Graduate's resume

  • Produced a blueprint that resolved technical problems relating to the failure of soft water supply plant to achieve required pH.

Resume - HR Manager

  • Modified the Absence Management Procedure to reduce long-term absenteeism by 20%.
  • Empowerment, job enrichment, training and communication initiatives increased staff morale, performance and retention - and improved the calibre of new recruits.

Interior Stylist´s resume

  • Selection, evaluation and test of an extensive range of merchandise, ensuring 'best value' in terms of visual aesthetics, quality standards and price

Investment Analyst

  • Strategic P&L analysis of Equity Bond and Hedge Fund portfolios leveraged the investment portfolios of high net worth private clients

IT Consultant's resume

  • Developed and managed IT services on site and across the multi-national EMEA organisation serving a network of 6000 users.
  • Designed and implemented a major 'transformation workshop' event - the first phase of a global Oracle Financials 11I program. The project was instrumental in winning a £20.2m contract for whole programme

Resume example for Journalist

  • Provided regular nationwide news coverage on a wide range of current affairs, including Quebec separatism, US-Canadian relations, North-American free-trade negotiations, and topical issues relating to the environment, aboriginal people and the Arctic

Extract from a Legal resume

  • Influenced the development of legal policy during discussions with MPs and Officials of the Lord Chancellors Department

Resume for Logistics Controller

  • Renegotiated third party carrier agreements to improve on-time deliveries, customer service and cost efficiency

Maintenance Engineer's resume

  • Installed and commissioned plant equipment and carried out heavy machinery overhauls with negligible disruption to productivity
  • Monitored and assessed the mechanical integrity of equipment and oversaw maintenance practices, including vibration, lubrication, seal leak and clearance checks, cylinder changes, seal assembly and valve changes, bearing replacements, piston ring and rider band replacements and complete overhaul work  

Executive Resume - Managing Director

  • Devised clearly defined, strategic business development programme involving recruitment and performance measurements across sales, marketing, finance and operations to deliver 'best in class' client service

Sample of a resume for Marketing Consultant

  • Demonstrated the business value of refocusing marketing activity on brand and service quality - a strategy that increased the airline's catchment areas and passenger numbers
  • Project led Marketing and R&D teams in the identification, evaluation, formulation and presentation of a market entry business proposal for an innovative product concept, and convinced the President to promote the plan as an 'Imagination Breakthrough'

Media Consultant's resume

  • Gained sole reporting rights at events where other media were excluded. Built a reputation for trust and secured dozens of 'exclusive' home interviews

PR Marketing resume

  • Increased the brand awareness and profiles of all portfolio accounts
  • Collaborated in joint operations with multi-agency law enforcement teams -the NCIS, Inland Revenue, Special Branch and the Department's Investigation and Intelligence arms

Resume for a Solicitor

  • Managed a caseload of 300 Criminal cases, including Magistrates and High Court actions relating to motoring, theft, assault, breach of anti-social behaviour orders, sexual offences, drug offences, murder, robbery, deception, trademark act offences, proceeds of crime applications and licensing

Resume for Trainee Solicitor - Criminal Fraud

  • Assisting partners and other fee earners in defending investigations and prosecutions at all court levels brought against individuals and corporations by the Serious Fraud Squad, Office of Fair Trading, and the FSA relating to tax, VAT and duty fraud, money laundering, fraudulent trading, corruption, insider-dealing as well as matters of restraint and confiscation

The above extracts are intended to provide a guide as to the type of fact-based, achievement-orientated information that will add value to your Resume.

We can collect and rewrite all your information, and ensure that you send a clear, focused and positive message to key decision-makers

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