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Writing your Resume

Your resume writer will get you where you

want to be- whatever your role or location - FASTER!


Your own, personal Resume Consultant - an expert in your particular career field will be in continuous communication with you from the receipt of your order through to satisfactory completion.

Communication will take place by email, Skype and 'phone.

The process of writing your resume involves an in-depth review of your current resume, if available, and a discussion to gather information about any new aspects in your career and your target role.

We need to know the various roles, projects and responsibilities you have undertaken, particuarly any problems and challenges you have faced and overcome. Importantly, recruiters are especially interested in people who have added-value to an employer or project.

This communicative approach to writing your resume enables your Resume Writer to gain an insight into your area of interest and expertise,and also provides the opportunity for you to reflect on and talk about your career - an activity that will help you to respond more confidently during job interviews, create a better impression.

The full scope of your skills, experience, achievements and career aims will be taken into consideration when producing the first proof for your approval.

Your consultant is likely to recommend the inclusion of important information that will add value to your Resume.

Further proofs will be edited and submitted until the Resume meets all your expectations in terms of presentation - which will be distinctive, and content - which will be explicit, positive and relevant to the role you are seeking.

Care will be taken to place the information recruiters and employers are seeking in a prime position.

Occasionally clients express worries and concerns about how to deal with tricky issues relating to ...

job gaps  |  dismissal |  no references |  unemployment  | career hiccups |  management fall-outs |  too little experience  |  under-achievement  |  too many job changes  |  same company too long |  change of market sector |
unexpected redundancy  |  change of career direction  |  health problems  |
lack of training and education  | personality clashes | return to work after raising family or early retirement  |  existing CV too lengthy but uncertain what to leave out |  transition from self-employment to joining new company . . .

Your Consultant is a skilled interviewer, with vast experience in identifying and resolving such concerns, and in ensuring that your Resume will make a compelling, persuasive case that results in interviews.

To ensure that your Resume wins that all important job interview, Act Now -

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