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Best Practice

A Perfect Career would value the opportunity to discuss and propose a service that is tailored to your individual requirements. 

The proposal will:

·     Clearly set out in writing the services offered, including their duration

·     Outline past performance of a consultant or consultancy

·     Discuss, agree and confirm in writing any variations to the contract

·     Run the contract for a specified length of time

·     Make clear that we cannot guarantee successful re-employment

·     Name the consultant(s) who will provide the services; any subsequent changes will take place only in consultation with the client.

Fees and payment

·     Fees and terms of payment will be set out explicitly in the contract

·     A schedule of payments will be agreed in writing at commencement of the contract and a copy will be provided to the client.

·   Additional charges will not be made above those fees agreed at commencement of the contract

Professional qualifications

A Perfect Career´s Consultants possess at least one of the following:

·     CIPD (MCIPD, LCIPD, FCIPD, CCIPD) Membership

·     MBA Master of Business Administration

·     CPRW Certified Professional Resume Writer

·     Postgraduate qualification in HR Management

·    Qualifications in psychology, vocational guidance, coaching or counselling recognised by a professional body.

·     Psychometric testing and feedback will be conducted by holders of the British Psychological Society Level A Statement or Certificate of Competence in Psychological Testing.

·    Consultants conducting personality testing hold the British Psychological Society Level B Statement or Certificate of Competence in Psychological Testing or the equivalent additional training specified by the test supplier.

·   Consultants will accurately represent their competence, qualifications, membership of professional bodies and experience and provide evidence of the same, on request from the client.

Acceptance of clients

·     Consultants will not accept an individual for career and outplacement services where the services they can make available are unlikely to contribute substantially to the achievement of the individual’s objectives.

Provision of services

·     Consultants will take all reasonable steps to ensure that adequate information is obtained regarding the individual’s background and abilities, to provide a firm foundation for any   personal career advice given. This may include in-depth interviewing, and may include      psychometric testing

·     Communication will be maintained throughout the assignment.

·     Consultants will remain independent of the individual’s affairs and the opportunities they seek to pursue, and ensure that counsel and advice remains objective throughout the assignment.


·     The consultant will clarify and explain the nature and extent of confidentiality from the start.

·     All information received as a result of a contract for services shall be treated in the strictest confidence and kept securely at all times

·     Clients will be advised of their rights of access to their records.

·     In accordance with data protection legislation, client records will not be disclosed to any third party without prior authorisation.

Sponsored career and outplacement services

In the case where the client is the organisation paying for services provided to an individual :

Business relationship

·      Individuals would never be asked for any fees.

·     Individuals will be provided with full written details of the services agreed and confirmed in the contract with the client. They will be advised of all facilities which exist and how these can be accessed, details of individual consultants who have been assigned to provide services and details of the contract including the duration and any special provisions.

Professional relationship

·     Consultants will discuss the service with the individual prior to the commencement to ensure an understanding of what is to be provided.

·     Consultants will always act in the best interests of the individual

·     Consultants will respect the confidentiality of both clients and individuals and no information   received from either party will be disclosed without prior agreement.

·     If clients wish, consultants will provide them with regular updates on the progress of services and sufficient information to enable them to monitor the quality and effectiveness of services provided and the satisfaction of individuals with services. Individuals will be made aware that this information is being fed back to the organisation.

Private career and outplacement services

In the case of services provided to clients as individuals paying personally for the services:

·     The consultant will ensure the client understands the provisions of the contract, any exclusions and the nature of the services to be provided before the contract is signed.

·     The consultant will ensure the client has the means to access all the services available.

·     Any variations to services will be discussed fully with the client and agreed in writing.

·     The consultant will always act in the best interests of the individual.



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